The New World Order

To understand what is happening to the Christian world since the end of the eighteen century, it is worth reading "The protocols of the elder of Zion" and from Douglas Reed, "The controversy of Zion", from John Beaty, "Iron curtain over America", from Henry Ford, "The International Jew". For better understanding of the WWII, it is a must to read from Victor Suvorov, "The chief culprit" and also the "Rakovsky's revelations".

We are learning how a sect coming from Russia managed by talmudits, the guardians of the written and oral Torah launched them selves to the world conquest at the end of the nineteenth century, what this sect has achieved and its next objective. I made a résumé of what I have understood and have been adding the results of the time following the completion of the above books.

The revolution and the Zionism are like the left and the right arm of one entity, named "The International Jew" by Henri Ford, whose objective is the fulfilment of the messianic promise: the Messiah's comeback to Jerusalem and the destruction and enslavement of the gentiles. The Zionism is in charge of gathering the dispersed community, of fighting assimilation and digging a deep trench between them and the gentiles; using antisemitism as a tool to achieve its goal. The revolution is the weapon to destroy the strutures of the nation-states to be able to enslave their population.

The arm of the revolution was the first one to become active, but in the underground, and thus no one can say whether it is the father or the son of the Illumnati from Weishaupt. The Zionism's arm became active when the Entity took notice that the assimilation processus in the West could jeopardize their objective.

Since the first world war, the USA public services have been infiltrated by the agents of the revolution coming from Russia. Thus the President Roosevelt worked with Stalin to trigger the WWII to expand the revolution to the all world, to insure its sustainability. With material and financial support from the USA, Stalin was to take over all Europe, the British isles included and Roosevelt was supposed to crush the Japan Empire which had fustrated Jacob Schiff and thus was not compatible with the revolution's objective.

The plan was the following : Trigger a war in Europe involving the major nations which were supposed to exhaust them selves to facilitate Stalin's intervention, in order to impose peace and turn those nations into the soviet system. To initiate the war, Germany with all its woes resulting from the Versailles treaty and with Hitler, was the easiest candidate, identified by Stalin, to be brought to war. Roosevelt was put in charge of freezing all negotiations between Germany and all others european countries and after Munich, he ordered Beck, Chamberlain and Daladier to cut all relationships with Berlin. Then Stalin went to proposed Hitler some help to solve the Dantzig corridor issue by making another partition of Poland, and Hitler fell into the trap.

As said before to Roosevelt, England declared war to Germany and France followed, but both closed their eyes about the USSR having taken half of Poland, the Baltic states and parts of Finland and Romania. In this plan, Poland was used as the detonator, Germany was trapped and France and England went to war without understanding that behind Germany, the real ennemy was hidding : the revolution with the USSR on one side and Roosevelt on the other, both working on behalf of the talmudic Entity.

Actually, the plan did not worked as forecast. France and Britain were supposed to be able to carry a war of attrition against Germany and their early collapse came as a bad surprise. Furthermore, Hitler having understood as soon as december 1940 that he had been trapped and watching Stalin's war preparations, realized that if he was not anticipating the coming russian's invasion, Germany would be crushed by the russian steamroller in few weeks. Stalin underestimated Hitler's daring and he lost the first leg of the war between June 1941 and July 1942, and with it around 5 millions men. The overall picture was changed, Roosevelt would have to send to Europe some soldiers to allow Stalin to eliminate Hitler. Stalin could no more fulfil the objective of the revolution. He woud have to share with Roosevelt Europe and this was the beginning of the end of the Communism.

Then the cold war period was a time when the way to drive the world revolution had to be revisited. The talmudic entity which had triggered the world revolution had choosen in 1917 the Bolcheviks with the Communism. The experience and the failure of Staline with its brute force and the exposure that Stalin could, in the same way as Constantin took control over the Christianism, take the control of the revolution, led that Identity to understand that a world revolution on the type of a Menchevik socialism could yield better results.

The Bolchevik method relied on gathering the masses and turn them in a sort of a steamroller to crush everything in front. The Menchevik method uses poisons to divide people, to ruin the middle class, to corrupt and pervert everyone, to blackmail everybody, to plunge people into confusion by cutting their roots in order that people commit self-destruction. That is the method used today.

I don't believe that the connivance between the talmudistes from the URSS and the USA broke at the end of the second world war. It was a transit period for the revolution from the bolcheviks in Russia to the mencheviks in the USA and the revolution changed its name to become "the New World Order" and the poison replaced the terror. This change did allow also to erase the apparent contradiction between the two arms of the talmudic entity; the communism being universal when the zionism is sectarian and nationalist. This contradiction with Israel terrorism behavior had become an issue to too many people.

Douglas Reed did not saw this transition but before 2000, it was probably hard to notice it. The exposure of the cold war to become hot, was not real since the URSS had already the atom bomb and could turn Europe into ashes and no-one in Europe could find any motivation to commit suicide. All these howls and criminal incitements to trigger upheavals in the East in 1956, were just tricks to speed-up the end of communism since it was no more useful for the talmudits.

This period also gave the time necessary for some of the URSS's nomenclature to understand that the end of communism could be an opportunity to becomme billionaires while in the US their collegues were using the military-industrial-complex to rob the US taxpayers with the threat and fear of the URSS, artificialy induced by the media. Today the menchevik revolution or " the New world order" has been able to poison and enslave the western world including New-Zealand and Australia. Russia has been trying to get rid of its talmudic chains but is not yet free.

During that time, the "International Jew", who used to have its quarter in Europe, seems to have move to the US and there after having secure the control of the US dollar source, has been able to severe its dependance towards gold, which had been its weapon of mass destruction until then. Since that date, its corruption power has been infinite and he has been able to finance all the new technologies to monitor people and at the same time, through processus automation, make them dispensable. All this explains why,today, the International Jew is close to meeting its objective.

Today the quarrel between Trump and the Democrats is a quarrel between the Zionism and the "New world order" (ex. menchevik revolution). For the "New world order", the cart must not be put before the horse and the nation-states have to be destroyed and their population enslaved to allow the comeback of the Messiah to Jerusalem. The Zionism's role is to weld the jewish community together, to fight assimilation and segregate the Jews from the gentiles. The Zionism have to be the doctrine's guardian, it is not up to the Zionists to submit or destroy the gentiles.

Today the Zionists are impatient and they want to coerce God to fulfil his commitment now. They are betting that by triggering an apocalyptic war, the Messiah will have to come to Jerusalem and that at last, they will be the world masters. But the "New world order" is afraid that trying to coerce God may induce Him, in the contrary , to trigger the "Jewish catastrophe". This the rationale of the fight of the democrats from Wall Street against Trump the Zionists' champion. But the Evil one has decided to proceed to the last judgment and to drive the humanity to the apocalypse in order to get rid of those he does not want to seen in his future "Paradise" on Earth

The "New World Order" is in charge of managing this program whose declared objectives are the "Great Reset", the energy transition, the health's passport, the digital money etc... , and all this has to be implemented by 2030 according to the "W.E.F.". The "New World Order" has openned the hostilities in 2020 with the Coronavirus, a strange hoax with which most of the world's econmy was destroyed and the population was terrified and accepted confinement, barrier gestures, masks and soon vaccine or genetical therapy. Medical power rests on the fear induced to its customers and the doctor Knock movie is a perfect illustration of the phenomena.

There was an understanding with China for the coronavirus's machination but China is not playing a fair game and in order to meet the 2030 objective, almost tomorrow, things have to be speed-up. The mondialism's opponents according to Soros, the nationalists Trump and Xi Jinping have to be eliminated through a war, between China and the USA. I thought that the "New World Order" to avoid to be seen as responsible for the genocide, wanted to use Trump for this dirty work and to appear as the humanity's Saviour at the end of the conflict.

But the organized Fraud to reach the votes' majority, crossed all the lines with mailing ballots and with the "Dominion" tools used to vote and compute them. The media have been totally biaised in favor of Biden. Justice and F.B.I. refused to make any investigation on the shenanigans and Mike Pence who could have derailed the plot decide to play the Pons Pilatus: he washed his hans and sent Trump to Golgotha.

I don't know what will happen next. It is obvious the the "New Word Order" has refused to sacrifice Biden and his accomplices in order to use Trump to trigger war with China, yet I am convinced that we are on the road to Apocalypse which is mentioned in Judaism, Christianism and Islam but that most believers do not want to see happening during their lifetime. Sceptics think this to be fairy-tales for children but Israel is justified by these ideas. Trying to find a shelter in such time is useless since Satan which is the real chief of the "New Worl Order" is more clever than us.

Satan has the power on Earth. One must understand that here we are living in Hell, the kingdon of darkness and lies. Here the Devil buys the house's slaves (the choosen people) and uses them against the field's slaves. The Devil needs obeying servants and the Christ invites us to open up to allow a soul to make his nest and to grow strong enough to be able when we die, to as the Christ, in fire generate a new fractal God's child

Satan on Earth is acting as a vine grower pruning the vine to let it produce grapes. He acts like a sting to push people to move forwards and not to submit them. Obedience is for those which do not assume independence, give up listening to their conscience and feel reassured with the necklace they let themselves put on their necks to be part of the herd that the great inquisitor (Brothers Karamazov) is leading peacefully to death.

Douglas Reed thought that this would lead to the "Jewish catastrophe". The war frenzy Zionists or the foul perversion of the leaders of the "New world order", is calling for their auto-destruction. Yet it may also be a sign that the world is becoming sterile and can no more produce God's children and therefore with the "Jewish catastrophe" , there could be un unprecedented hecatomb among the gentiles unable to reach the apotheosis.